Educare’s amazing example of high quality care and education

Educare DenverI had the privilege of touring the Clayton Early Learning Educare center in Denver this week as part of the Educare Leadership Policy Institute. This was the third Educare site that I have visited, and I am so impressed by the amazing learning environments in the Educare model. In fact, this model is a prime example of the strength of public/private partnerships and what can be accomplished through innovative thinking about how to fund high-quality care for at-risk children.

If you are not familiar with the Educare network, it is composed of 20 – soon to be 21 – schools across the country serving at-risk children from birth to 5 years old providing high-quality care and instruction. Many of the children attending Educare schools enter with limited English language exposure. Data shows that at-risk children who enroll in Educare as infants or toddlers enter kindergarten with the same skills as their middle-income peers.
Educare facilities are built with private dollars, while services provided at the schools are largely supported through public programs like Head Start, Early Head Start and state preschool dollars.

We are fortunate to have an Educare school at the Children’s Campus in Kansas City, Kan. If you haven’t been there it is well-worth the visit. Keep in mind that the real beauty of the Educare model is less about the state-of-the art facilities and more about the high-quality care and education provided inside.

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